The rights of women are a fundamental principle to us and our firm belief is that women are free to make their own choices regarding their bodies and lives.

We are a group of women committed to the strong rights for women to exercise control about their own bodies. Professionalism, discretion and guarantee of privacy are concepts that define our work. We have a long history of working with clinics that have between 20 and 40 years of practical experience and recognized expertise.

We provide the highest quality of care and service with an emphasis on the safety and well-being of women.

Our services are available in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and Polish.


Our purpose is to help women who are facing an unwanted situation and for that reason the strategic and close collaboration of different sectors is fundamental. At Travel Abortion we take care of organizing and coordinating all the necessary services infrastructure so that everything develops in the simplest and most comfortable possible way. We collaborate with high level clinics, both national and international, that offer safe hygienic-sanitary measures and psychological support. We support women throughout the process, offering them a personalized, warm, humane and non-judgmental treatment.